With the way of the world being as digital as it currently is, you may think that signage displays are a little outdated. However, the positive effects have never passed. With bespoke signage that is designed and produced specifically for your salon and installed either internally or externally (or both – there are no limits!), you are able to seize the ability to broaden your clientele. Witness as a wealth of opportunity arrives at your salon door.

Place emphasis behind your logo

When it comes to beauty treatments, the competition can be strong. With a range of salons, each providing similar services, you’ll want to make sure that yours stands out. Whilst this could involve introducing new treatments, the quality of your branding can also play a large, and highly effective part. Your logo can be the first thing people see, whether they find you on online or in person, so ensure it makes its mark. From premium metal to striking 3D signage, the options are endless, and could put you in a league of your own.

Create a trademark ambiance

Internal signage can aid towards creating that trademark ambiance that you want your salon to be recognised for just as effectively as the colour tones and furniture you implement within your décor. Creating a calming environment can be the factor which makes the difference and coverts a potential customer into someone that returns regularly. Consistency can create an atmosphere that your clients feel relaxed in, allowing them to associate your trademark ambience with self-confidence and happiness – what more could you want!

Showcase your services

As digital as the world seems, not everyone who is seeking beauty treatments is also an avid social media user. Don’t miss out on reliable customers by pinning all your marketing strategies to your online platforms! Instead, utilise bespoke vinyl window signs to showcase your impressive services and treatments. Done effectively, you’ll have passing footfall flooding towards the entrance of your salon before you know it.

Unite your customers with your online presence

A great way to start connecting your face-to-face customers to your online profiles is to display your social media handles creatively on bespoke signage. From sophisticated acrylic wall signs to sleek vinyl window displays, you can introduce unique visual elements within your salon that effectively cross-promote your physical and digital brands. Heighten the interest in your online profiles, whilst they in return broaden the interest amongst potential customers in your salon services.

Share your wins

Working in the beauty industry, it’s likely you’ll have customers rely on you for treatments that reinforce the confidence they have in themselves. From eyebrow tints to hair refreshes, these treatments are rarely a sporadic thought. Each customer will have done their research, taking into account reliable factors such as awards and achievements. Make yourself an easy choice by showcasing your accomplishments with pride throughout your premises.

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