The level of competition across the restaurant industry can be rife. With countless options available at many a doorstep, it can often seem a challenge to stand out from the crowd and feel seen amongst your competitors. You may find yourself tirelessly running over your marketing strategy to ensure you continue to attract customers, but are you overlooking one of the simplest yet most effective aspects of your branding that you could refresh and upgrade? Of course, we are talking about your signage.

With many avenues available to go down, the options are endless, and they make a wealth of opportunities possible. To aid you through the transition of upgrading your indoor and outdoor signage or to provide you with a spark of inspiration, we have summarised our top four tips that could allow you to boost the effects of your restaurant signage.

1. Simple yet effective

The first of our tips is one which we would like to place a lot of emphasis on. Whilst you have the freedom to be as creative as you wish with your signage, keeping it as simple as possible could work a charm. Whilst internal vinyl wall graphics can be effective, don’t overcompensate by attempting to cover any empty wall space – you don’t want to overcrowd your customers when they’re dining in! Simple and sleek signage can entice hungry customers in from outside and can provide a comfortable customer experience from all angles once inside.

2. Brand consistency is everything

Business owners far and wide hold pride in their branding, but you mustn’t let this run away from you. Regular customers can find comfort in recognising your branding, so it is important that you keep on track. Creating consistency across your logo, colour themes, digital menu boards and signage can reinforce confidence from current and potential customers, reassuring them in a way that allows them to feel comfortable with you and your restaurant offerings. Clear and consistent branding means they’ll know exactly what they are getting.

3. Keep your sign clean

Hygiene plays a large part in the success of any restaurant, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the level of concern for cleanliness is higher than ever. In this, we don’t just mean the floors, bathrooms, and tables – we are also talking about your signage! Whether you have an LED illuminated outdoor restaurant sign, or acrylic wall signs that showcase your most-loved dishes, you must do all you can to keep them clean! Well maintained signage will not only successfully attract attention all year round but will also show the level of care you have for your premises. This is a big confidence boost when it comes to hygiene and the safety and comfort of your customers.

4. Make your branding transportable

Bespoke signage, whether it’s external or internal, can be highly effective, but if you are looking to go one step further, why not break the boundaries of your four walls and introduce transportable signage to your restaurant? With bespoke vehicle graphics, your company cars and delivery vehicles can be elevated to the next level, attracting attention throughout your local area. Allow your restaurant branding to be visible at all times, even after hours, and attract the attention of future customers wherever your tyres take you.

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