New year, new signage: What to consider

With the New Year fast approaching, it isn’t uncommon to find ourselves looking back over the last 12 months and looking for ways to refresh and improve. With this new perspective and fresher eyes, you may find yourself looking toward your business and the ways in which you could uplift your space, branding, or presence.

One simple yet effective factor that can be adjusted is your signage. However, you must take care, time, and consideration to ensure that you do so correctly. With our guide, we are confident that you will be able to take your business signage to the next level in 2023.

So, what is the first thing you should consider?

Remember who you are

Once you have your heart set on a plan, it can be easy for your mind to run away from you. However, this can only lead to damaging factors for your business. You must keep a firm grip on your branding and the factors that make you who you are. A signage refresh should still encapsulate the colours, slogans, and images that you are known for to ensure that you don’t become unforgettable.

Assess your space

The next thing you should consider is just what you will be changing. To do this, take a physical walk around your premises, starting externally. Walking in the footsteps of your customers will allow you to see your premises from their eyes. Is your external signage clear enough to guide them to your door with ease? Does the internal wayfinding marry into your branding, and create simple and easy to follow instructions? If possible, bring someone with you during this tour, allowing you to get a second perspective on elements of your signage that could be enhanced. You should do this both day and night, allowing you to see your own business from all angles.

Take note of what is seen

By using recent CCTV footage, or simply by people watching, take the time to follow those that walk by your premises and those who step inside. Take a note of the aspects of your signage that are noticed, and those not so much. This will allow you to find out what is working and what isn’t so effective. Again – doing this in both daylight and darker hours can be effective.

Plan it

With this information documented, you can begin to plan. There may be forms of signage which are effective just the way they are and there may be some which require an update. You may have also noticed that there is a lack of signage in certain areas of your premises. Gathering inspiration can be a great help. Take a look at not only your competitors, but also other businesses in the surrounding areas. From the LED illuminated signs of nearby retail parks to the subtle yet stylish vinyl wayfinding in local salons, seeing signage serving its purpose is bound to spark ideas in your mind.

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