When it comes to your retail store, it is important to remember that the thought and consideration that goes into the external design is also carried inside. Whilst it is critical to ensure that the impression you make at first glance is a good one, there are benefits to internal signage that can boost the opinion shoppers have on you and your business with each step they take within your premises. As experts in designing and displaying signage that gives the greatest impression, we thought we would share our knowledge on the benefits that internal signage can bring to your store.

When it comes to internal signage, the variety of options can be split into three main categories, each providing their own purpose and benefits. Whilst you have an element of freedom with these signs, it is important to remember that you design them all in a way that represents your branding correctly.

Signage for a sale

Inform your customers of costs, promotions and deals in your store with internal sale signs. Whether they be shelf-edge strips, posters or banners, the options are broad, but you must still consider the design in line with the size of your signage. This way, you can create the most effective sale signage. The ability to capture the attention of your customers can have the power to influence their decisions – especially with a subtly persuasive discount displayed in creatively blatant way.

Signage for directions

Give your customers confidence in your store with clear, easy to understand wayfinding signage. From vinyl floor signs to stairway signage, you can simplify your customers experience whilst navigating around your premises. As well as this, internal signage also gives you the ability to subtly direct your customers toward a certain product or promotion. When the experience customers have in your store is simple and enjoyable, it can lead to them wanting to return.

Signage for information

Signage displaying information about your store will always be required. This can include anything from general information such as your opening hours, to warnings of caution such as health and safety signage. The key factor to consider when designing these signs is to be clear and concise. You may have to take a step back from the level of creativity you had with your previous sign categories, but this will allow your informational signage to be seen, read and understood with ease. Effective informational signage also has the ability to free up time of your staff, as customers won’t need to ask the relevant questions.

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