Wayfinding systems are required globally, especially in larger buildings and those with multiple locations, such as schools or hospitals. The aim of a wayfinding system is to not only provide those visiting your premises with clarity and confidence in the direction they need to head, but also to free up the time of your staff, allowing them to focus on their job roles.

When it comes to designing an effective wayfinding system, there are 3 key elements which you should consider and implement. These are simplicity, identity, and minimalism. Below, we explain the reasons of each, alongside examples of how you could apply them to the wayfinding in your premises.

1. Keep it simple

Whilst you can be creative, keeping it simple will create the most effective results. You wouldn’t want to confuse anyone at the first hurdle – the first hurdle being the entrance of your premises. Keep the majority of your signage for junction points such as hallway crossovers, stairs, or lifts. Also, consider your design. Decorative wayfinding can be pleasing to the eye and it has been scientifically proven that earthy tones and colours such as blue and green can reduce stress, keeping those navigating your building calm and collected.

2. Create an identity for each end location

We can all admit that unique identities and tones are more memorable than standard black fonts and arrows. Consider colour-coding each floor or location or displaying coloured vinyl lines on the floor that can easily be followed by those within your premises. This will provide a quick indication of the directions aimed at each visitor. An example of where this strategy has already been adapted is in large, multi-story retail carparks. By using colours, shapes, and names, shoppers are able to remember the location of their vehicle and can navigate their way through with ease.

3. Don’t give too many choices

It can be tempting to direct everyone to every location from the moment they walk through your entrance door, but this isn’t always necessary. Being faced with an array of words and arrows as soon as you enter a building could be daunting or overwhelming and is likely to result in those asking members of staff for directional help anyway. If possible, try breaking some areas down into specific categories that, once a certain area is reached, can be broken down further. This will limit the choices available and create clearer, more concise wayfinding signage.

As experts in all things signage, we can assist you in the design and production of unique signs to support your wayfinding. From acrylic plaques at the bottom of your stairwell, to vinyl stripes throughout your building, we’ll work with you to provide your visitors with the simplest experience within your premises. Get in touch with our team at Sign Makers UK today by calling 0800 772 3977 or emailing hello@signmakersuk.com with any enquiries.