The Christmas season is fast approaching, and it is a time of the year where businesses in many sectors get involved, dusting off those old decorations and joining their customers in feeling the festive spirit. As a new business, or one which has been adopting the same tips and tricks each year, you may be looking for some guidance in brightening your business up this Christmas. With our guide, you will be able to take advantage of the holiday season, enticing new customers through your doors in time for the new year.

1. Create a festive-themed version of your logo

If your business is successful or long-standing, it is expected that your branding will be recognised, even with a slight change… so why not put a joyful spin on your shop front this Christmas? With a festive-themed logo, you can achieve the best of both worlds – a fun new logo and heightened attention from customers, both old and new. Be careful not to stray too far from your original logo as you will still want your brand to be recognised! Introducing famously festive elements, such as reindeer antlers or even a few festive baubles will take your logo as far as it needs to go. In turn, you could witness your business being visited by customers from near and far, all being drawn in by your festive spirit.

2. Show appreciation to your customers, old and new

Christmas is a time where thanks and generosity are displayed nationwide, and what better way to spread this joy to your own customers than with a small token of gratitude! Consider sending Christmas cards to your reliable customers or treating those who purchase a product or service with you to a small token of thanks – from an additional service to a small Christmas note. Showing your customers that you care could in return make them care more about you and your business.

3. Decorate!

Unless your business is placed amongst a few Scrooges, a festively decorated workplace never goes unnoticed. From Christmas trees and tinsel to lights and music, take advantage of the holiday festivities and draw some much-deserved attention to your workplace. Extending your decorations onto your online platforms can also capture the attention of those online-shoppers. With the use of festive graphics on your website and a display of Christmas images on your social media platforms, you can capture attention from customers at every angle.

4. Showcase discounts and deals

Marketing methods are something which business owners are always considering, and Christmas gives you the opportunity to explore these ideas. Showcase your price cuts and bundle deals with vinyl window signage, and guide customers through your store with some festive wayfinding. The branding and promotion needn’t stop inside your store either! Pimp up your car with Christmas-themed vehicle graphics and tour your festive marketing around town for all to see.

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