Planning on advertising your company outdoors? There are literally dozens of marketing options at your disposal, from simple A-Boards on the High Street or a SALE banner strung across your shop front, to an illuminated interactive screen. Outdoor advertising includes a huge range of options to effectively promote your business and reach a large audience in your chosen location.

Attract attention to your business

  • A-Boards, also known as pavement signs, are portable and commonly used on UK high streets to attract foot traffic. They are ideal for promoting daily specials, sales, or events for local businesses like cafes, restaurants, or shops.
  • Placing posters in bus shelters is an effective way to target commuters and pedestrians in the UK. With a vast public transportation network, these posters can reach a large audience, particularly in urban areas and busy transportation hubs. You can cherry-pick which bus shelters you want to use for maximum impact in key or busy locations.
  • Billboards are widely used for outdoor advertising campaigns. Famous examples include the “Old Spice” billboard in East London. Billboards can create significant brand awareness, but they can be expensive so make sure your messaging is clear before splashing out.
  • Illuminated signs play a crucial role in enhancing visibility, especially during the darker months. They are commonly used for storefronts, entertainment venues, or restaurants, ensuring your message stands out even at night.
  • Transforming company vans into mobile billboards is an effective way to promote your business as you drive around. Local or regional businesses that rely on generating service calls can greatly benefit from this form of free advertising.
  • Creative placements can make your advertising even more memorable. Consider unique locations that complement your proposition, like the sides of buildings, public parks, or sports arenas to create a lasting impact. Previous adverts have appeared on eggs, apples, petrol pumps, beer mats, and even the Houses of Parliament. Why not explore utilising iconic local landmarks or incorporating 3D elements into your advertisement.
  • Posters in buses and in tube and train carriages provide a captive audience during commutes, allowing you to target specific demographics based on the routes and stations. Advertising on the sides of buses and black cabs is another popular choice, offering broad exposure as they travel through various towns and cities.
  • Event banners are valuable for promoting specific occasions such as conferences, festivals, fireworks, or sporting events. Placing banners in prominent locations or near to event venues can generate excitement and attract attendees.
  • Your shop/office front is your window to your business soul! Make it count. Professional signage clearly signifies your business intentions and instils confidence before visitors even step over the threshold.

Rules and regulations

Wherever you are planning an outdoor advertising campaign, it’s important to consider local regulations and obtain necessary permits. Planning rules may vary between councils, and restrictions may exist regarding the size, location, and duration of advertising signage. Check with your local authority or give us a call to ensure compliance with all applicable rules.

Stand up to the weather

Weatherproofing your outdoor advertisements is crucial, especially given the UK’s changeable weather. Use materials specifically designed for outdoor use, such as weather-resistant vinyl banners or durable plastics. Applying protective coatings or laminates will help protect your signage from UV rays, rain, wind, and other environmental factors. The experts at Sign Makers UK look after all these technical details to ensure your branding looks great wherever it appears.

Think outside the box

In summary, outdoor advertising signage provides numerous options to effectively promote your business. Consider the specific message and application, adhere to planning rules, and explore new and creative avenues to really maximise the impact of your outdoor budget. We’d love to hear your advertising ideas and help to brainstorm new ones. Give us a call on 0800 772 3977 or email: hello@signmakersuk.com.