When it comes to advertising your business, products, and services, making a mark is the way to do it. First impressions count, and when designed right, you can make a positive impact daily. Vehicle graphics can be an extremely powerful marketing tool, so long as they are designed correctly, and can provide a whole host of advantages. These include…

Spreading awareness as far as you can

When having your business’s branding displayed on your car or van, there will be no limits on where you can take it. Without being chained to the ground, or stuck to the side of a stationary building, you are free to spread awareness of your products and services as far as your tyres (or fuel) will take you. The world really could be your oyster if you wanted it to be!

Investing in a cost-effective signage solution

Investing in print promotion for your business can always be worth it if designed correctly, but when it comes to vehicle graphics, the benefits of this investment expand. With billboards, recurring payments are often required. These repeated costs allow your advertisement to retain its spot, but with vehicle graphics, the initial cost if the only one you’ll need. There will be no requirement to repeatedly pay to use your own vehicle!

Capturing attention the right way

Advertisements can often appear to be ‘in your face’ and seeing them repeated on billboards and bus stops across your local area can often be enough to put you off of the product entirely. The beauty of vehicle graphics is that, due to the advertisement being mobile, your potential customers will see it less frequently, making much more of a positive impact. Capture attention the right way and make your mark across town with strategically planned vehicle graphics.

Increasing your vehicle’s protection

Vinyl vehicle graphics provide an added layer of protection. Being applied to the outside of your vehicle, the graphics cover the paintwork, protecting it from scratches and minor dents. Once the time comes to refresh or remove your vehicle’s livery, specialists can remove the vinyl wrap without causing damage or leaving defects in the paintwork. Whether you choose to sell your company vehicle or replace the old graphics with new ones, you can hold confidence in the fact that your paintwork will appear unharmed.

At Sign Makers UK, our vehicle graphics service can be tailored to vehicles of any size. Form a Smart car to a fleet of vans, expand your branding with a unique vehicle livery. Get in touch with us today to see what we could do for you. Give us a call on 0800 772 3977 or send us an email via hello@signmakersuk.com.