Creating the signage for your business can be something many people would categorise as ‘the fun part’. However, there will always be more logic required behind it than people may think. Your signage is going to be one of the first things people see when coming to your premises, and so it should capture who you are and what you are about, simply and effectively. To give your signage the best chance at success, we have created a guide of the things not to do, as well as the things you should do.

Common mistakes made with signage design

Let’s outline some of the most commonly seen signage mistakes that could be pointing customers away, rather than inviting them in…

    • Failing to consider how it is viewed

      When designing your businesses signage, you will be doing so up close, but it is important to remember that once it is displayed on your premises, people will be viewing it from a different angle and distance. If your signage is difficult to read or identify, you could be turning people away in their tracks.

    • Failing to incorporate branding

      Your branding should be a big part of your signage, whether it be subtle or not. If passers-by can’t associate your signage as a part of your business, it won’t be doing its job. You could incorporate your brand through use of colour schemes, font or aesthetic.

    • Failing to use the best suited materials

      Signage may be an investment, but when designed correctly, it is one that can pay off – and then some! Investing in quality materials can allow your sign to withstand time and weather conditions. Remember, the higher the quality of your sign, the higher in quality your business will appear.

    • Failing to get design help

      Whilst it can be fun to design your signage, it can be difficult to find a place to start. A professional signage designer can support you in starting your design, or providing you with a completed version that reflects your business and will stand strong against the competition.

    Top tips for signage design

    Now, we’ll take a look at the actions many take with their signage design that work well, and pay off in more than just recognition…

    • Considering the location

      The location of your sign is a factor that should be considered for many reasons. If you are displaying outside, you must take into consideration the weathering conditions it will have to withstand. You will also need to consider the height in which it is displayed, ensuring that everything can be read and seen as you wish it to be.

    • Keeping it simple

      It can be hard, but not overcomplicating your signage can make it all the more successful. Simple fonts can be easy to read whilst softer colours, in contrast to its surroundings, can be easier on the eye. Garamond, Arial, Calibri and Helvetica are successfully simple fonts that look great on signage displays.

    Invest in the right decisions

    From support with the design work through to material choices and installation, investing in quality works and factors where they are needed will pay off greatly for your business. Remember, you only have a few seconds to communicate with your audience, so make those seconds count.

    At Sign Makers UK, we want your signage to succeed. That is why we provide support throughout the entirety of the process, from design and construction through to installation and maintenance. Get in touch with our team to find out more about the possibilities for your business signage.