Having high-quality construction site signage will ensure that every safety regulation is being adhered to, and the employees on site know what they need to do in any circumstances. There are several different types of signs that you can expect to find on a construction site. Take a look at the sort of signs that you can expect to find:


 It is important that your construction site features signs that clearly display how to navigate the site in a civilised fashion. If people are walking around the site in any direction, it could cause havoc. If your construction site is busy and there needs to be an evacuation, everyone needs to know which route to take to leave the site in an orderly fashion.


Safety signage is mandatory on construction sites. In a setting like a construction site, there are certain areas that must be prohibited to ensure the safety of visitors, contractors, and tradesmen working there. The signage at your construction site also needs to inform people of any behaviours that may put them at risk of serious injury.  Here are a few examples of construction site signage:

    • Warnings

      Yellow warning signs will indicate there is something that people on site need to be aware of. Whether it be demolition work, overhead loads, or construction work, warning signs will give employees or visitors a heads up about a potential hazard.

    • Prohibition

      If there is a room or area on your construction site that could pose a threat to the safety of a person, then there must be adequate signing to alert people of that risk. A typical red no entry symbol on top of a relevant image will make people aware that an area is not to be entered. Prohibition signs can also symbolise that certain areas are only for authorised personnel.

    • Behaviour

      Blue signs often display instructions on how tradesmen should behave while on site. There are several safety precautions that employees on site should take to ensure that they are not at risk. With high-quality signage visible throughout the construction site, they are far more likely to be reminded to use their safety equipment. Here are a few examples of what these signs could say:

      • Reminder to wear ear protectors
      • Making people aware that they are in a hard hat area
      • Instructing that protective footwear must be worn
      • Instructing that high visibility jackets must be worn
    • Speed limit

      Red speed limits often feature on construction signage to ensure that visitors drive appropriately. If there are vehicles visiting your construction site regularly, it will be a good idea to create a speed limit to make the site as safe as possible.

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