When it comes to marketing and design, your signage can play a prime part in attracting customers and enhancing the recognition around your brand. Whilst font and design are of course effective, did you know that colour is a powerful tool that can shape perceptions and evoke emotions? Together, these factors can influence customer behaviour in a way that entices them into your premises.

There is a whole psychology behind colours and the ways in which they can help businesses, and these are used by many companies when it comes to strategic decisions about their branding and signage. In this blog, we recap the fascinating world off colour psychology, looking into the thoughts and emotions that each colour can draw out.


Red denotes the emotions of passion and urgency. The colour has the ability to grab attention and trigger strong emotions. It’s no wonder so many fast food chains, such as McDonalds and Burger King, use red in their signage!


Blue in branding can create a feeling of trust and stability. With calming undertones, the colour is often used in branding for technical businesses which typically surround stressful situations, such as accountancy firms and lawyers.


As the colour of nature, it is no surprise that green creates emotions of health, growth and sustainability. The colour can make customers feel relaxed and is often used by business who promote eco-friendly products.


Yellow creates thoughts of positivity and optimism, and is most commonly used to capture attention quickly. Yellow is another colour which is commonly used in the branding for fast food chains and budget-friendly stores.


Creativity and luxury are emotions that are evoked by use of the colour purple in business branding. It is commonly used to denote the feeling of elegance and sophistication, and established brands such as Cadbury use it with pride and confidence.


Brown, an earthy colour and tone we see a lot in our day-to-day lives, can evoke emotions of earthiness and reliability, and is most commonly used in business that promote outdoor living, activities or agricultural industries.


Seen as the purest colour, white can create emotions of purity, simplicity and cleanliness. These emotions typically come together to create a level of trust, and is most commonly used across hygiene brands such as Zoflora and Fairy.


As a bold colour, black is most often used to create feelings of elegance, sophistication and strength. Premium brands, such as Chanel and Rolex utilise black across all of their branding for this reason.

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