A building site is often not a pretty sight. Construction companies increasingly go to great lengths to present a smart and professional image but it’s not just about presenting a pretty face. Most importantly, building contractors need to adhere to health and safety rules and regulations to ensure the protection of the site, prevent unauthorised access, and ensure the safety of workers and passersby.

Our top tips for your site hoardings:

1. Safety and security:

• Ensure that your hoardings are sturdy, secure, and properly installed to prevent accidental falls or collapses.
• Use high-quality materials that can withstand weather conditions and potential impacts.
• Install clear signage indicating potential hazards and safety precautions.
• Consider installing CCTV cameras or other security measures to deter vandalism and unauthorised access.

2. Visual appeal:

• Make your hoardings work harder by incorporating eye-catching designs, vibrant colours, or engaging artwork related to the construction project or local community.
• Consider using large-scale photographs or illustrations showcasing the future development to create excitement and interest.
• Incorporate branding elements or logos to raise awareness about the construction project or the construction company involved.

3. Informative messaging:

• Use the hoardings as an opportunity to provide relevant information about the project, including its purpose, timeline, key features, and benefits to the community.
• Clearly communicate any temporary changes in access routes or nearby amenities affected by the construction work.
• Include contact information or QR codes that allow interested individuals to learn more about the project or get in touch with the construction team.

4. Sustainability and eco-friendliness:

• Opt for environmentally friendly hoarding materials, such as recycled or recyclable materials.
• Consider incorporating greenery by installing vertical gardens or living walls on the hoardings to enhance the visual appeal and contribute to environmental wellbeing.
• Utilise solar-powered lighting to illuminate the hoardings during the night, reducing energy consumption.

5. Interactive features:

• Integrate interactive elements into the hoardings to engage the public. For example, you can include touch screens or augmented reality displays that provide virtual tours or project updates.
• Encourage public participation by incorporating feedback forms, suggestion boxes, or interactive games related to the construction project.

Latest options:

• Digital hoardings

Instead of traditional static hoardings, consider using digital screens or LED panels that can display dynamic content, videos, or real-time updates.

• Modular hoardings

Use modular panels that are easily assembled and disassembled, allowing for flexibility and reuse in different construction projects.

• Transparent hoardings

Utilise transparent or translucent materials to allow visibility of the construction progress while still maintaining safety and security.

Remember, it’s crucial to consult local regulations and obtain necessary permits before erecting or implementing any changes to your site hoardings. Prioritise safety, clear communication, and community engagement to make the most of your construction site hoardings. Our expert team is always happy to discuss hoarding boards and to impart our many years of experience to help you achieve a professional site presence.