For customers to notice and take an interest in your business, you must first give them something to be interested in. This is where external signage plays its part.

Did you know, external signs can work in a way that benefits your business and members of the general public in 3 main ways: advertisement, attraction, and guidance. This proves them to be a valuable investment for any business, in any location. As well as ensuring that your company name is heard and known, you can provide a unique visual element that attracts a wider range of potential customers, whilst also providing them with the knowledge to locate and navigate around your premises with ease.

So, what forms of external signage are there, and which one would be best suited to your company? Let’s take a walk through them…

LED illuminated signage

LED illuminated signage can provide businesses with a unique visual element that guarantees they are able to stand out from the competition and those around them. By illuminating a partial section, or even the entire sign, companies are able to stand out around the clock. This makes this the ideal signage solution for business that remain open during the later hours, such as pubs and bars.

Shop front and fascia signage

Fascias and shop front signs are easily the most common form of external signage seen across the UK. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the ability to make your presence known! With the ability to be installed at a great height, you can be granted the capability to showcase your branding to all eyes, no matter how congested your business’s location may be. Whether your branding is sleek and minimalistic, full of colour, or applied on top of an illuminated sign tray, intelligently designed and carefully created fascia signage can entice footfall to your premises.

Pavement signs

Don’t let your business be the one that people pass by unnoticed. Pavement signage, often displayed on a double-sided A-board, is an ideal way to stop local passersby in their tracks and tactically showcase your finest deals. This external form of signage can be the ideal solution for businesses with minimal room for installed external signage, or that simply want to go that extra mile!

Vinyl window graphics

Does your business premises have minimal wall space? That’s no problem. Vinyl window graphics are the ideal way to showcase your business, services, and products in a sleek yet creative way. Whilst they can add a unique depth to your exterior branding, they can also be used creatively to aid with health and safety, clearly marking those glossy glass doors before their cleanliness causes any harm.

Wayfinding signage

We all know the frustrations behind struggling to find your destination in a new building. Wayfinding can be a crucial aspect of external signage for sizeable corporate companies, businesses located within a large building, or those with multiple sectors. When designed and produced with care, you can hold confidence in the ability of your wayfinding signage to direct and navigate your clients, both new and old, with ease.

Do external signs require planning permission?

When it comes to external signage, it is possible that planning permission may be required. This, however, will not mean every sign needs permission and should not be a cause for concern either way. Each council will set their own rules and regulations that external signage must conform to. If you meet these requirements you will not need planning approval. At Sign Makers UK, our sign production services are entirely comprehensive. This means that we will support you from design and planning through to the installation of your sign, so you won’t need to worry about the technicalities of approval. We’ve got that covered!

For expert advice on planning permission or to find out more about our bespoke external signage solutions, get in touch. Give us a call on 0800 772 3977 or send us an email at hello@signmakersuk.com.