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Planning permission for signs

The words ‘planning permission’ can often be enough to tempt us into waving goodbye to a project idea, but the reality is, this process can be simple to understand. At least, it is with us on your side! Our sign production services are entirely comprehensive, meaning that we offer support from design and planning through to installation. Whilst not every sign will require planning approval, there will be some rules to bear in mind. Rest assured, we are here to guide you through the process with ease.

Will I need planning permission for my sign?

With multiple factors taken into consideration, terms and conditions could vary and so we would always recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your signage requirements. However, if you’re hoping to avoid the need for planning approval, your external advertisement will often be exempt from the process if:

  • Your signage is being displayed within enclosed land, such as your business’s forecourt
  • Your signage is displayed on a moving vehicle
  • Your signage is going to become an essential part in the fabric or structure of your building (usually during its construction)
  • Your signage is less than the deemed consent size limit for any given scenario

Can I display signage on my premises
without planning approval?

Business signage can be deemed appropriate without the need for planning consent if it holds the purpose of displaying your business’s name, trade, profession, or services. This can include brass plates and notice boards that are displayed externally for public knowledge and assistance. However, there can be a size limit, and so we would recommend speaking with our team for further advice before proceeding with your bespoke sign design and installation.

Will LED illuminated signage require planning approval?

There are a selection of specific rules and regulations that are centred around illuminated signage. These focus on the regularity of the lighting, the size and placement of the sign, and how far the lighting projects. It will be a duty to protect the passing public from harm and so, if you’d like to incorporate illumination within your design, we advise getting in touch with us.

What are the planning regulations for temporary construction signage?

When it comes to temporary construction signage, the rules and regulations around planning permission can vary. There will be a length of time that your sign will be able to remain on your construction site, so long as it is deemed acceptable in the first place. Approval can also be dependent on the size of your signage, and these rules can vary depending on the size of your construction site. Our team, or your local council, will be able to advise further on this.


What sign features will require permission?

When it comes to planning permission for signs, there will of course be some which definitely require approval from your local planning authority or council. You can expect these to include:

  • Certain illuminated signs which don’t comply with the required guidelines. Get in touch with our team to find out more
  • Signs on facias and above commercial premises which don’t conform to height restrictions
  • Signage which overhangs the edge of rooflines
  • Any signage that that is that is larger than the size limit for the situation

How we can help with your bespoke sign project

We have a dedicated team for dealing with planning enquiries, applications, and approval so you are in safe hands. We understand the common negative connotations that come with the process and will utilise our knowledge so that you don’t need to. Instead, you can relax, focusing on the benefits you could soon reap after the installation of your bespoke commercial signage.


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